Nutrients That Food Supplements Must Have to Help You Gain Weight

weight gainers

While some individuals have some issues on how to lose weight, others have a problem with how to increase their weight. Among these individuals who should gain weight are those considered to be ectomorph. An ectomorph is a person with lean and delicate body structure with difficulty in building muscle mass. Individuals with a very high rate of metabolism should also be candidates for a weight gain program.

Lean body can also be a result of lifestyle. People who are always on the go should have an alternative to be able to take in the required amount of each of the vital nutrients that our body needs to prevent further shrinking of the muscles, supplement energy, and build strength and stamina.

One of the viable solutions for a lean and delicate body, which may be a product of genetics or lifestyle, is by way of food supplements. These weight gainers are fast becoming popular among lean individuals because of their definite results and ease of use. These food supplements can truly help you gain on pounds with visible increase in your mass.

To help you find the right food supplement for weight gain, you should go deeper to the labels and look for the ingredients and their grams per spoonful. This will help decide which one is best for you.

calories Calories

The ideal daily consumption of calories depends on age, sex, metabolism rate, and physical activity of a person. Normally, men should consume 2,500 calories a day, while women have a recommended dose of 2,000 cal./day. These daily calorie requirements may be difficult to attain for some reasons. But with food supplements, you can easily pile calories, which will help you in gaining weight.


Proteins are the building blocks of tissues, so low protein intake will generally cause loss of weight. Finding the supplement that has a higher volume of the right proteins should help you gain weight. Look for casein protein in the label; it is still by far the best protein for weight gain.


While eating carbs, you also increase your intake of calories. Through weight gainers, you will be able to monitor the levels of carbs separately from calories. This will make sure that you have increased both nutrients to help you increase that muscle mass while getting all the energy you need.

It is always essential to know the quality of the raw materials used. A food supplement that uses whey meat from cows that grew on healthy grasses may not be the same as those that came from cows that were heavily injected with steroids and hormones.…

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