Product Review


Product rating and review are one of the most popular features of successful businesses today. One of the major advantages is that new customers have the ability to know the products well before buying. Your product page has to satisfy the customers before they buy otherwise they will leave you for your competitors.

Tips for encouraging customers to write product review

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Design your product detail page in an attractive and neat manner. This way many people will love visiting the page and do reviews. Have product images, prices, and description arranged neatly in a way customers can easily find the required information. Also adding videos of images can illustrate your products better giving customers the best insight of the products you offer.

Moderate review rating

You should be in a position to publish the reviews as well as control the visibility. Sent replies to your reviewers so they know you appreciate them. Use various rating moderation features to moderate the reviews. Make moderation as regular as possible as visitors can feel frustrated if you do not publish their reviews. Additionally send thank you emails to your reviewers for taking the time to visit your page.

Keep even negative reviews

If you have no negative reviews at least on your site, visitors can be suspicious about the authenticity of your reviews. Criticism is best for you as it gives you a good chance to come to your products defense and let other people know it. Tackle negative reviews satisfactorily and keep them as well.

Review competition

Perhaps you can entice your customers by offering a gift or a coupon for top rated reviewers. This encourages visitors as well as customers to explore your products, buy and even write something about them.

Make the process simple

People do not like complicated processes. Therefore, another way to encourage your customers to write product reviews is by making the ssssssssdfhghgfdsadfghjhkgjfhdsadasfgfhjgprocess simple. Many visitors will avoid your site if you complicate it. You can do this by formulating a 5-star rating that is visual which can be rated by just a click of the mouse. If possible have even negative rating as this will make visitors know feel free. Also, make emails optional as many people do not want their emails to be visible in public.

If product reviews are to work for you, then make sure your customers or visitors are encouraged by what they see on your review page. First impression and appreciation are important for you to achieve this.