Products that can help make your home pest-free


Pests are very dangerous, and they hide in the deep areas of the house. To keep them out from your abode, you need to do something. Do-it -yourself pest control would be helpful. You can do this by using some chemical and solutions that are available in the stores which are used in removing pests. Check out and read the guide.

Hydramethylnon (Pest Control Products for Outdoor Use)

hdhdd874It is one of the pest control products used as ant bait which comes in small pelletized granular form. This pest product is mainly used for ridding of ants.

One ounce per 1800 square feet is enough for pest control services. For best results, broadcast pest control products in those areas where ants search for food. Such places can be lawns, flower beds, etc. If you simply dump it on the mound, this will cause the ants to stop feeding while moving away from your bait.

Ant Bait Stations

Ant bait stations contain ant bait which lures the ants to gather around it in numbers. Then, the pest control insecticide in such pest control products works on the ants, and gradually, a lesser number of ants will show at your place, building or any other area you choose to place the ant bait stations.

These pest control products need to be placed around such areas, where ants’ trails are present or areas where ants locate food or water sources. Place 2-3 stations in an average room and one station at each corner of the house.


It is a synthetic Pyrethroid used for attacking ants and preventing them from entering the place. Hiding places must be sprayed with Cypermethrin for best results.

It is used in various ant killers and ant chalks. For best results, such pest control products should be sprayed at indoors, effectively even in the cracks and crevices. For easy spray into cracks, you can use sprayers. However, if you have a bush which requires being cleared for aphids, use Permethrin Pro instead of Cypermethrin.

Insecticide Sprayer

It is one of the important pest control products used by professionals, which usually contains a plastic container with metal handle. With these sprayers, the spray treatment becomes quite an effective and easy task for the pest control professionals.



This insecticide is one of the primary ingredients used in ant chalk. It is used as a dust for killing insects, particularly ants.

When it is found out that the pests have established colonies inside of the house walls, then this insecticide is spread over with the help of duster.…

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